Noirot Didier

Noirot Didier

Born in France in 1957, Didier’s passion for photography and diving began early. Trained at the Glénans dive center with Jeff Tréhiou, he became an instructor in 1982. He then entered the Club Méditerranée where he taught underwater photography techniques for three years.

In November 1986, the real underwater adventure begins, when he joins Jacques Cousteau’s prestigious crew. Hired as photographer, his first expedition takes him to New Zealand, where he discovers the hostile universe of the southern 50th parallel. One expedition ends and another begins: Polynesia, Australia, Papau New Guinea. 

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« June 1988, Gambiers islands, French Polynesia.

The film crew, led by Michel Deloire, has just left to dive on the reef. I chose another destination that winter morning: the pearl farms. At the time I am the official photographer of the expedition and this is pretty much my only opportunity to shoot pictures of this sumptuous site. 

Maupiti has filled my tank and the Zodiac’s, we are ready to leave. At the moment our craft leaves the side of the Calypso, a voice calls from the alleyway.

- Hep! Over there! Where are are you going? JYC had temporarily suspended my voyage to wonderland.

- Well Captain, I’m going to take photos, I remind you that I am the photographer and that you pay me for that!

- You’re tiring me with your photos, make movies!

A heavy silence settled in for a moment.

- I don’t know how your cameras work, there isn’t even have a viewfinder!

- Rrrrrraaa… just like a machine gun, he replied, imitating the movement.

- And for the f-stop?

- Set it to 5.6 and Telcipro will do the rest!

So began my first lesson in underwater filming. Short, but coming from Cousteau, powerful. Don’t worry, the images shot on that day are spectacular and were used in the movie “Tahiti: Fire Waters”.

Watch these very images here: Didier Noirot's first footage

Borneo, Polynesia, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philipines, Thaïland, Vietnam, Andaman Islands, Madagascar, South Africa, Siberia… In 1998 he leaves the Cousteau Society after a last expedition to the Caspian Sea with Sir Peter Blake.

Since then, Didier has participated in many famed archaeological documentaries, as well as with the “Blue Planet” series, for which he receives an Emmy Award, and other series such as Earth, Frozen Planet, Nature Great Events… Didier has also co-directed documentaries and participated in many other expeditions since, perhaps one of the most famous being the Oceans movie by Jacques Perrin.

After several expeditions to the poles of the planet, diving and filming throughout the entire world, Didier is today more than ever an active explorer and underwater film artist, currently working on a series about some of the most majestic creatures of the oceans, whales, called Ocean Giants.


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