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Michel Deloire is one the better underwater cameraman of the Cousteau Team

He was born in 1935. While young, he devoured the books from Philippe Diolé that reflect the first underwater scuba incursions of the pionners in the Mediterranean. At this time, the TV was still in its debuts and affected only a few insiders. This was with conference shows like “Connaissance du Monde" that he discovered the sea. He attended the conference of pioneers of underwater films of that time such as Jean Foucher-Creteau, Marcel Isy-Schwartz or Jacques Stevens. His adolescence was immersed in the underwater world. The Cousteau's famous movie Silent World in 1956, completed the conversion.

He studied engineering at the Ecole Breguet, mechanical and electrical, where he graduated in 1957, and spends his free time diving with his brother Raymond, developping tools for film under the sea, such as its own small camera housing, consisting of a bottom of a diving tank closed by a window with seal. Michel and Raymond Deloire used their vacation to dive in locations accessible without boat such as : Cassis, Corsica, Spain, the Balearic Islands, Greece and the Canary Islands. Their shots are of modest quality because lens they use are poorly adapted, but they are enough good to convince Michel Deloire that images will be his job. His brother Raymond started to work as an engineer at La Spirotechnique. Michel joined the Vaugirard School, specializing in shooting and photography, now renamed Ecole Louis Lumière. He graduated in 1959 and, during the Algeria war, began military service of 28 months in the military cinema section of the french army. He worked several years as an operator for great directors such as Delanois, Grangier, Duvivier.

One of his classmates is related to Pierre Goupil, who works on World Without Sun with Cousteau, the contact is made. In 1965, Cousteau was building Précontinent III experience, which comprised a team of divers, scientists and filmmakers. An alternate team was constituted to be able to take over in case of defection of a holder. Cousteau offered to Michel Deloire to be the alternate of Philippe Cousteau, as a filmmaker. He accepted immediately. It followed a rigorous training and became a certified diver. A year later, Cousteau asked him to join the team of the Calypso for the Cousteau Undersea Odyssey TV serie. Deloire never stopped dreaming of an individual adventure, as the mentors of his youth, but Cousteau was offering a great opportunity : technical and logistical resources, open spaces, adventure. He joined the team and worked as a Calypso team member until 1975, left it from 1975 to 1985, and went back to it until the death of Cousteau in 1997. Michel Deloire therefore spent more than two decades aboard the Calypso, making seven films of the Undersea Odyssey serie and becoming a pillar of the movie team.


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