Cousteau Divers into 2013

Donate a photo! Send your best high resolution underwater picture to us in the next 24 hours and it will be included in our 2013 book (all profit from sales will go to finance our projects!). 

We're releasing a photo book before the holidays that includes:

- Cousteau archive images.

- Cousteau quotes.

- A "dive-through" of all our activities since 2009 in images.

Send your pic to info(at) with your full name for the image credit. Don't forget to include date and place the image was taken!
The book will go on sale at the end of November.
There is no guarantee that your image will be used in the final version.
Your image file will be immediately deleted from all records after use, whether or not it is used in the final version.

Recently Uploaded

octopus, octopus_mating
Open andy_r Taken by: andy_r Taken on: 04/2019
rapa nui, chile, kototi para, centropyge hotumatua, pez Ángel hotumatua, ocean pacific, hotumatu'a's angelfish
Open liliana.calzada Taken by: liliana.calzada Taken on: 05/2019