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J'aime la mer J'adore Cousteau

Amine Mohammedi

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I'm glad to see Cousteau Divers moving forward with improvements and added courses and opportunities...
Way to Be!


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Have followed Calypso/Crews for over five decades. Have dived for over four,and I'm still amazed and captured by the under sea realm. Thanks to Jaqcues, Jean Michelle and Phillip, and all support staff.


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Jacques-Yves Cousteau said of himself, that he was an impresario of scientists, {one who takes a lead role in orchestrating events}; an explorer and filmmaker who worked with scientists in underwater exploration. There aren't words enough, to express how much he was loved, and, appreciated.


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somehow someone is asking me to join the one thing is I already am a member I joined 45 yrs. ago when I was a young chap.i was 12 or 13 and I watched Mr. Cousteau everytime he was on tv the someone getting people to join should look into this thanks Louie Patras ps he is the reason I love the water so much


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Commander Cousteau thanks for making me dream!!!The oceans and nature are in danger we have to follow your example and transmit your teachings for future generations. Thanks Cousteau


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