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I am one of the thousands of Brazilian children who grew up watching Captain Cousteau┬┤s wondrous TV series about the living oceans, and it did influence me and many others to dedicate our lives to fight for its protection. I am proud and privileged to become a Cousteau Diver and look forward to cooperate in joint initiatives to raise awareness about the plight of the oceans and to achieve practical gains in conservation through mobilizing the diving community! JOIN US!


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Site looks great - really think this can become something big if all divers help spreading the message!

Jesper Hagel

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this site looks great - but 60EUR for the professional account wow...



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Have long wanted to join a special group to me like this, you can count on me and my commitment to this project will serve as paar haceer of this beautiful baby blue world a little better.! Cousteau family Thanks!


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I am really proud to be part of this community, to be a Cousteau Divers.
It's the Commandant JY Cousteau that has given me the passion of the ocean in the 1960s with the pre-continent experiment.

59┬░ nord

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I am very happy if I could be useful in contributing with the Cousteau Divers with the health of the oceans and all its animals which lives on. As an unconditional fan of JYC, since I was I child, who teaches and inspire me to love the ocean and all its creatures.


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