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I have been a member of Cousteau Divers since the beginning...I must comment
because over the last 21/2 yrs I've been very disappointed the the poor support from Cousteau Divers it is unbelievable that you guys can't seem to get organized the website is dull when I've had issues its taken days to get a response sometimes weeks easy stuff like wanting to change password etc where are the membershipo cards and other stuff that was promised last year...I ordered couple items off website a month ago still no sign of them truly sad if you would just get some customer support and put some effort into customer service you would probably bring in much more $ very disappointing to see you guys continue to miss the boat.


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Continuons le combat du Commandant..........Respect et protection du monde marin.
CALYPSO for ever..........


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We protect what we love and it amazing to be able to connect with people that share that same love for our oceans.


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My friends, so far I haven't made many contacts here. Noticed the icons with the pictures I have uploaded are gone and Brazil is now looking an empty continent.
To improve the web site i suggest we could share online subjects such as ecology, show landmarks and life around the oceans as well as under the ocean. To see how important is to keep the stuarys alive and maintain the balance on the sea. For example, in northeast of Brazil they killed a source of life and food to the oceans and the sharks are paying for it. As they can't find food on the area they swim along to the shore and happen to bite people for accident and meet their own death.
Let's point crimes against nature, such as industrial fishing dragging very heavy and long nets on the ocean bottom destroying everything. Turn this site an educational page for the future and the present.
I'm a great fan of Jacques Cousteau, he has influenced me a lot on my childhood and still is.
People care of what they love means a lot, let's make it real.
Fair winds to you all.


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Great way to connect with other divers and express the magnificence of our oceans. Traveling in Southeast Asia currently an can't wait to go diving!


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