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Fair winds and following seas.


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Hope that the heirs of J.Y.C. the mayor thoughts keep it up and we follow here may contribute something, and can!
I like it here a part of the whole :-)


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This initiative is just what I have been looking for since I started scuba diving (2010). After a few dives, I realised that a widely organised action should be there to protect this beauty. I longed for doing something for the Big Blue, yet couldn't find a way. I've been digging it everywhere, none worked either because I'm not a marine biologist or I can't participate in events taking place at some point on the globe (traveling is not practical for everyone).
I got specialties for Project AWARE Foundation and Coral Reef Conservation hoping that more knowledge could bring opportunities. I intended to take part in clean up events in my country, unfortunately awareness is very low. Thus, I seeked possibilities abroad during my scuba vacations so that I could collect marine debris info, but there weren't any events. I even got in touch (e-mail, one-to-one contact) with local dive schools prior to my vacations offering my time and support in case they have any scheduled events. Nothing came up.
In November 2011, following a fantastic dive in Siamil Island- Maleysia, I was sitting on the sand waiting for my second dive, re-dreaming the beauty I had just witnessed. Suddenly I felt tired of the pending question: What can I do? I stood up, grabbed a bag and started cleaning the beach. Many divers then came along to help. The beach was clean in 45 minutes! Yet, that was all. No sustainability.
Now, we have Cousteau divers action: I don't need to be a scientist. I don't need to go far to contribute: Whenever and whereever I can. It embraces all Oceanlovers. I can't wait to receive my orders; Mediterranean Course. Hoping to upload data soon.
Big big thanks to the Big Team.


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Great initiative. I grew up watching the Cousteau Odyssey and met Captain Cousteau twice, in France and in Japan. I also just learned today that Albert Falco had passed away. Lots of memories...


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This is a great idea to bring people together for the bettering of our oceans. I'm so excited that Pierre-Yves Cousteau could come to our school and that we are participating in this all now.


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Cousteau Divers is an amazing program! Pierre Yves came to visit our school about a month ago and we had the privilege of becoming the first Cousteau divers school! I am very excited about this opportunity. Amazing website as well!


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