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" I wish i could describe the feeling of being at sea, the anguish, frustration, and fear, the beauty that accompanies threatening specticles, the spiritual communion with creatures in whose domain i sail [dive]. There is a magnificant intensity that comes when we are not in control but are only reacting, living, surviving..."
~ Steven Callahan


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The respect begins with the emotion.
see the video cdt cousteau:

la grande nacre

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As a child I always had as much contact Snorkel sea and practiced a lot, but when I saw the documentaries of Jacques Cousteau I was fascinated and really learned a lot from them.
Thank you for teaching me a lot about the sea and this sparked a passion that is diving.
And remember, no one is as good as all of us together


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Ever since I watched Cousteau's documentaries and read his books, my dream was to become a scuba diver. My dream came true :-)


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As a child my step father introduced us to the world of Cousteau. Gosh he was great! Today I am a scuba diver :)


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Education is the only way to save our oceans. Show people what is out there and explain why we need to save it and they are more likely to do something.


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