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I've lived in Michigan on the Great Lakes my whole life, but I have longed to be near the sea since I was a child. As a high school graduation gift I received the complete Odyssey series on DVD and spent the summer *wishing* I lived closer to the ocean. Thanks to Mr. Cousteau, I was able to live next to the ocean through his works, publications and endless interest in the blue world. My thanks, Monsieur. You've opened doors to those of us who would not otherwise have seen the beauty beyond those waves.

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Cousteaus "Dolphins" (in German "Delphine") from 1975 is one of the most loved books in my bookshelf. He was a great man who inspired my work with dolphins.

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Seize the sea, father
The mermaids need our power
To reverse the tide

Haiku contest!


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He was my inspirartion. I was a young boy living by the sea In Penzabce, Cornwall, UK. Until his tv series the bay that I looked out upon everyday was - just - water. After watching his series I bught my first pair of goggles and never looked back.
Now in the Autumn of my life I can look back on those years when went from amateur to professional diver, then many years later to a rather aged amatuer excavating a 15C wreck.

Thank Monsuir Cousteau. My thanks for your lead into my underwater world.

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Time to make a difference :)

ps: miss the calypso :(


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Ancient sea of life ~ liquid prism of spirit ~ eternal beauty #haiku from Miriam Dunn

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