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The Vellmari Diving Centre in Formentera has been operating since 1993 and is a PADI Five Star Diving Centre. Since 2005 the Centre has been located in the premises 14-16 in the Marina of Formentera, just in front of the port and just a few metres away from the harbour where all boats come to the island dock.

Vellmari Formentera is the diving centre with the best and most modern facilities on the island. Placed in the centre of La Savina port, Vellmari has an extensive zone for cleaning and drying the equipment. The boarding point is just a few metres away from the changing room, which makes the preparation of the equipment easier.

With over 15 years of experience, Vellmari Formentera offers a full variety of courses and training, along with the wide range of trips to some of the best dive sites of the Mediterranean Sea.

Vellmari Formentera is open from the beginning of February to late November due to the excellent weather conditions on the island. Besides, water temperatures range between 14 and 28 degrees Celsius, which makes diving a pleasant activity all year round, from the sunny summer to the mild winter.

THe Vellmari Formentera Centre offers up to four dives per day, all level PADI courses, DAN First Aid courses, all level underwater photography courses, private courses and dives, and many other services.

Nevertheless if Vellmari Formentera is famous for something - that is its instructors' friendliness and good mood. They offer an excellent service and at the same time enjoy the dives as much as the other divers so that these dives become an unforgettable experience that you will surely repeat!

Opening hours for the public:

From Monday to Saturday
9:30 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:30


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