What is a Cousteau Dive Centre?

Cousteau Dive Centers are safe, reliable, professional and environmentally responsible operations.

As such, they serve as permanent observatories of their dive sites, are allowed to teach the Cousteau Diver course to any entry-level diver or snorkeler, and sell Cousteau Divers merchandise at advantageous rates.

In addition to this, we develop activities and standards for Cousteau Diver Missions and Excursions and we encourage and help you to have your dive sites declared marine protected areas. Each Cousteau Dive Center pays an annual membership fee of 300€ to become a Cousteau Dive Center. (This is the 2011 launch price, subject to change annually).

In exchange, your dive center (and only your dive center, not any other activities) may market itself as such to the consumer. We advertise for the dive center(s) on www.cousteaudivers.org, orienting divers your way as a high quality, safe, environmentally friendly operation. You also link to our website and promote us on site.