Here you will find some blog posts about our recent activities.

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Project Hermes

“To know, to love, to protect”

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Seventy percent of our planet is one connected ocean. It produces half the oxygen we breathe and feeds one billion people.We’re in 2015 and nobody is monitoring the temperature of the ocean at depth.

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Henri Garcia dives into the Silent World

Yesterday, Henri Garcia passed away. A pioneer Cousteau Diver, he lived and worked on board Calypso before making Easter Island, a magical paradise, his home. Henri was a passionate, restless explorer and adventurer, who never ceased to pursue his dreams. Anyone who has dived with him has witnessed the incredible grace and beauty of his technique. He was an angel of the sea.Henri was my brother. He took care of me when my father died. Today I have lost family, and the Sea has lost an angel. My heart goes out to his children and all of his friends, to all those who have bathed in the light of his presence.-Pierre-Yves Cousteau

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Divelog Manuals Photo Contest

Cousteau Divers needs your help!

As your browse through our dive log manuals, you’ll notice that there are no photographs of fish or other marine species. This is where you can help  – each week we will be holding a photo contest with prizes to the divers who submit the most photographs!

If your picture is selected, it will be published in one of the Cousteau Divelog Manuals and will help the Cousteau Divers community to identify the key species to follow during their dives!

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The Canterbury Crew goes to the Bahamas

The Canterbury School of Florida students travel to the Bahamas to SCUBA dive, snorkel, and learn about marine life and sustainable communities on the island. 

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Sudan Mission!

The Cousteau Society and its partners returned to the field to undertake the second mission of the Red Sea Shark and Ray Conservation and Management project, and conduct wider survey on the reef ecosystem and food web. 

During a two weeks mission, the research team, led by Nigel Hussey and Steven Kessel (University of Windsor – Canada), carried out state of the art research studies using a combination of techniques including acoustic tags and monitors, underwater fixed camera (BRUVS – Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations), biological sampling for food web work and visual surveys. For the first time, two members of the Cousteau Divers community were invited to join the expedition team during one week to observe and assist the scientific team

  • Watch the video of the expedition HERE >>

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Cousteau Divers in the US: Diving with the Canterbury Venture Crew

While Cousteau Divers has been developing and expanding, our program in the US has also been growing through our partnership with the Canterbury School of Florida and the Canterbury Venture Crew. The students participating in Cousteau Divers activities have written a few blogs about their experiences. This entry describes our summer experience testing the Cousteau Divers dive log.