Cousteau Divers in the US: Diving with the Canterbury Venture Crew


While Cousteau Divers has been developing and expanding, our program in the US has also been growing through our partnership with the Canterbury School of Florida and the Canterbury Venture Crew. The students participating in Cousteau Divers activities have written a few blogs about their experiences. This entry describes our summer experience testing the Cousteau Divers dive log. 

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Last year, Cousteau Divers opened its official headquarters in Saint Petersburg, Florida and established the first ever Cousteau Divers school - the Canterbury School of Florida. This event marked the inauguration of the Cousteau Marine Studies Education Center. 

Over the summer, the US Coordinator, Stephanie Stefanski, the Director of Marine Studies at Canterbury, Jenna Cummings, and the Canterbury Venture Crew worked together to develop and test the Cousteau Dive log. Dive sites throughout the Gulf coast of Florida were explored. During the week, the students and Stephanie would discuss the dive log design and how it could be improved. The students also learned to identify all the key bio-indicators on the dive log. 

On Friday, July 13th, three Canterbury students, several parents and teachers, and Stephanie Stefanski set out to the St. Pete Beach Artificial Reef. Although this was the same location from the dive with Pierre-Yves Cousteau, the conditions were drastically different. The visibility had been decreased sharply to roughly five feet because of Tropical Storm Debby. Even though our dive was affected by the low visibility, we were still able to see some of the various species of fish on the reef, including red snapper, yellow-tailed snapper, and sheepshead. 

After we had completed our two dives, we sat at a picnic table to discuss our post-dive survey. Stephanie led us through the survey, describing each section and what to write in or circle. Some of the information implemented in the survey included wind speed, fish species, and human impact. These dives have begun the process of reporting the conditions of Gulf and Caribbean habitats for Cousteau Divers. So far, the Gulf of Mexico has been a pristine environment and Cousteau Divers will continue to track and monitor its nearly perfect conditions.

- Written by the Canterbury Venture Crew


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