The Canterbury Crew goes to the Bahamas


The Canterbury School of Florida students travel to the Bahamas to SCUBA dive, snorkel, and learn about marine life and sustainable communities on the island. 

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Students from to the Canterbury School of Florida traveled to the Island School on Eleuthera, Bahamas to spend a week SCUBA Diving, snorkeling, and exploring the sustainable community at the school.  So far, the students have taken a tour of the school and learned about how the community maintains a sustainable lifestyle and taken several snorkeling and SCUBA trips.  On these trips they discovered a variety of marine life present around the island.  This was entered using the Cousteau Divers post dive assessment logs.  The logs will later be uploaded to and added to the global database tracking the health of the world’s oceans.  The students have enjoyed learning about the many species they have documented while partaking in the Island’s school sustainable lifestyle.

During the second half of their miniterm trip the students continued snorkeling reefs around the island and experiencing the diversity of life that makes them their home.  Some of the best finds were a small skate, a lemon shark, and even a small octopus! The students continued to learn about sustainability and how to limit their impact on the environment. They did a lesson on invasive species, particularly lionfish and the impact they have on coral reef ecosystems. Afterwards, they watched and participated in a lionfish dissection and learned about the research being done on the species. The final day of the trip, the students got to travel down island to experience the local culture and see some more of the island’s natural features. They explored caves and caverns, climbed in banyan trees, and jumped off a rock into an ocean hole filled with fish, before going to a local restaurant to try conch and other local seafood. The students all had an amazing experience on the trip and none of them were ready to go home the next morning. They hope to take some of what they learned on the island back with them to their homes and school, and implement more sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

Written by the Canterbury Venture Crew


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