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Cousteau Divers January 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Happy New Year! We begin 2012 with exciting news:

New and Free! The Cousteau Collection App

L'expoloration du bonheur

The Cousteau Collection iPhone, iPad and Facebook application is now available! We’ve worked hard to compile and translate some previously unreleased texts and images from Jacques-Yves Cousteau and the Cousteau archive.

Combine these jewels of planetary wisdom with the best of YOUR images uploaded on Cousteau Divers, and you have the Cousteau Collections application. Every week, the best images from our website will “bump” to the application, thus showcasing your talent, the state of our oceans and our conservation programs!

Available on the App Store Facebook

12 new Cousteau Dive Centers for 2012

For 2012, we will accept 12 new dive operations into the program, thus expanding our global activities.

These centers will serve as permanent observatories of the health of the oceans, fight for the creation and enforcement of marine protected areas, and reach out to the local community with underwater images. In some cases they will even go diving with local elected officials to help raise awareness both in the community and in the government.

Together with DAN Europe and the Diving Safety Laboratory, we are growing a community of safe, professional, and environmental operations. You can apply here.

A headquarter for the USA?

We are looking into establishing the Cousteau Divers HQ for the USA on the East coast. This will help us develop faster in the US and its adjacent oceans. More to come!


A Marine Protected Area on Santorini

With the help of Enric Sala, Sylvaine Giakoumi, the Navy’s Waterworld Cousteau Dive center and the people of Santorini, we are working to create and monitor a marine protected area on this beautiful Greek Island. The goal is to demonstrate the socio-economic benefits of such areas and hopefully to promote their development nationwide. A quote from the project description:

“One practical solution are no-take marine reserves, areas that are set aside without fishing. A review of peer-reviewed studies on 124 marine reserves in 29 countries showed that, on average, marine reserves cause increases of 21% in diversity, 28% in the size of organisms, 166% in density (number of individuals per unit area), and a remarkable 446% in biomass (kg per hectare), relative to unprotected areas nearby.”

Safe, and beautiful, dives in 2012!
The journey continues,

Pierre-Yves Cousteau
President of Cousteau Divers

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