Cousteau Divers operates a community based website dedicated to the world of diving that engages divers worldwide (hereafter called “Contributors”) in a vast participative science program, to share their experiences and personal knowledge for the study and preservation of marine life.

To this effect, the Cousteau Divers website allows divers who have created a profile to upload information, observation data, photography and comments, as well as videos via the YouTube platform (hereafter called the “Information”) in order to share their experience for scientific and collaborative purposes.

  1. Uploading Information
    1. By registering with the site, the Contributor uploads the Information he wishes to the Cousteau Divers database and agrees without reserve to the terms and condition of the present document.
    2. The Contributor is informed that the Information he uploads to the Cousteau Divers database may be subjected to validation by Cousteau Divers and other users of the web site. Cousteau Divers reserves the right to remove, without notice, any Information deemed incorrect, illegal, off-subject, or that does not comply with its deontology and scientific standards.
    3. The Contributor declares that the Information uploaded to the Cousteau Divers database is original and are not a mere copy of the work of others. In this respect, the Contributor is liable for the Information transmitted to Cousteau Divers and guarantees Cousteau Divers against any prosecution or claim that could arise from the online publishing of the Information.
    4. The Contributor accepts without reserve that the uploaded Information be evaluated by other users of the Cousteau Divers website (namely photographic and video contents) and that it may be the object of ongoing contests whose results will be published on the website.
    5. The Contributor has the right to remove and delete the Information at any times. 
  2. Release of property rights
    1. By uploading Information, the Contributor yields to Cousteau Divers, free of charge and non-exclusively, the intellectual property rights relative to the content within the limits detailed in the present agreement. Consequently, the Contributor yields to Cousteau Divers the right to:
        1. to reproduce, or cause to be reproduced, in any way and in any language, the Information contained in the database on the Cousteau Divers website, associated, or not, to any other contributions of any nature;
        2. to represent or cause to be represented, in any location, in any way and in any language, all or part of the Information, associated or not to other contributions of any nature, be it via public presentation, projection, electronic communication and transmission or TV broadcasting using any telecommunication process for sounds, images, documents, data, messages and announcements of any type, in particular but without being exhaustive via terrestrial, cable, TV broadcasting to satellites, pay and free TV, whether encrypted or otherwise, interactive terminals, mobile or landline telephony systems, computers or mobile terminals connected to any database using any network such as the internet, intranet or extranet, whatever technical protocol is used;
        3. allow the partners of Cousteau Divers to create hypertext links to the Information in order to communicate its content to its own users, as long as such communication is free and respectful of the Contributor’s rights. 
    2. This transfer is valid for the legal term of copyright protection as stipulated by French legislation, i.e. seventy years post mortem, including possible extensions of the said term.
    3. The Information shall be credited with the name of the Contributor under the same designation registered in his profile. Hence it is preferable, in order to allow the complete respect of his rights, that the Contributor establishes his profile under his real identity. 
  3. Responsibility
    Cousteau Divers cannot be held responsible by the Contributor for the violation of his rights that could be perpetrated by a third party or its partners using partially or totally the uploaded Information.
  4. Applicable law
    This Agreement is governed by French law and no other.