Terms and Conditions

  • Personal Information
    1. Profile Information
      1. You provide this personal information when registering on our website: Name (Username) / Surname / website / country / Email. Your username, surname (if provided), country (if provided) and your website (if provided) are publicly visible on your profile page and anyone can see it.
    2. Use of Personal Information
      1. Our mailing list only. Cousteau Divers does not sell your email address to any third party. We use Mailchimp to manage mailings.
    3. Retractation
      1. Just delete your profile and we do the same. You may have to manually unsubscribe to the mailing list as well.
      2. This will delete all your uploaded images and suggested image tags as well.
      3. The Data Protection Officer can be contacted via our contact form with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Citizen-science Data
    1. Photos
      1. We cannot prevent people from screenshotting your images, we suggest you watermark them before uploading them. Cousteau Divers cannot be held responsible for such infringements.
      2. Please post only underwater photos or photos of the marine and coastal environment. We reserve the right to remove, without notice, any information/photos deemed inappropriate or that does not comply with our deontology and scientific standards.
      3. All uploaded photos must be geotagged and timestamped in order to have value for citizen-science. You declare that the uploaded photos are original. You guarantee Cousteau Divers against any prosecution or claim that could arise from the online publishing of your uploaded photos.
      4. By uploading photos, you yield to Cousteau Divers, free of charge and non-exclusively, the intellectual property rights to display them on the website, plotted on the globe and subject to community Tagging.
      5. We may post your photos on social media to promote our website, in which case they will be credited with the username you provided in your Profile Information and a link to your Profile on our website for the legal term of copyright protection under French law.
      6. We do not print or sell your photos.
    2. Image Tags
      1. You are encouraged to tag the images you upload with keywords (such as Fish, Coral, etc…).
      2. Other members of the Cousteau Divers community will also be able to suggest tags on your images.
      3. Moderators will be able to validate verified tags of images.
      4. We keep track of which images you tag in order to reward you with badges on your profile page.
    3. Remora Data
      1. IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: when diving with a Remora we ask you not to do anything differently than you would on a regular dive. The device was designed to be completely forgettable and unintrusive. Do not change the way you dive when wearing a Remora.
      2. The data collected with a Remora during your dives belongs to the Cousteau Divers non-profit organization.
      3. We publish summaries of this data in real time on the website.
      4. You will have access to the detailed data collected by your Remora. (currently unavailable)
      5. You will be able to export this data for your own personal use. (currently unavailable)
      6. We will do our best to make this Data available to relevant scientific and educational institutions.
      7. Whenever Cousteau Divers shares Remora data with third parties, your profile information will never be shared with them, protecting your anonymity and the privacy of your dives. This data will be identified with a specific Remora, not any of the information you provide in your Cousteau Divers Profile.
      8. We will do our best to track how this data is used and to keep you informed, using a Digital Object Identifier. (currently unavailable)
  • Cousteau Dive Centers and Cousteau Divers
    1. Dive Centers and Divers who use a Remora regularly will appear as Cousteau Dive Centers or Cousteau Divers on the website. Their profile page will display this label as well in order to showcase their participation in Data collection.
    2. If a dive center or diver looses the Cousteau label, whether due to administrator moderation or because they are not participating in uploading Remora data regularly, the label is removed from their profile page and they cannot use it in any way, until the label is reinstated (by uploading Remora data regularly).
    3. We will send forewarning emails to members who are at risk of loosing the Cousteau label and help them retain the label wherever possible and in good faith.
    4. Cousteau Dive Centers and Cousteau Divers may promote our website and activities, as well as their participation, by using our logo digitally only.
    5. They may not sell Cousteau Divers branded merchandise or raise funds indirectly for the organization. Donations are all handled on our website donation page.
    6. Raising funds by using the Cousteau label or other uses not aforementioned is subject to prior written consent from Cousteau Divers.
  • Cookies
    1. We don’t use cookies or any form of online tracking.